Scattered Stars
Mystery of Ra

Make your fortune – Tutankhamun will do it for you. Just he has the wisdom to affect the mighty gods. The federation to Tutankhamun will reward you with the treasure of Ra. This slot offers 10 free spins that have it all.

Lady Love

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Ms. Lady Love. It seems, that luck is on everybody’s side, because in a magical way trefoil, ladybird and horseshoe,... find together. This slot offers you 15 free spins with win multiplier and very high wins.


Fruit Brother Bill Melon paints the town red. Push the Button and get the goldtooth.


Ladies and Gentlemen! Make your bets! High Roller Harry raises his wages, before the die is cast.

Fort Knox

Fort Knox, the United States Bullion Depository is your oyster. If the Criminal succeed in breaking in the Fort Knox, you won't believe your eyes.

David vs. Goliath

This day the Lord will deliver luck into you hand. Hopefully David, who is guided by a superhuman force, will make the correct decision for you.

Fiesta Mexicana

Arriba Arriba Mexico! Hammer the Pinata and a sweet suprice is waiting for you.

Scattered Stars

In a starlight night the fire is blazing around lemons, oranges and cherries. In the middle of the enlightened ceiling the joker is walking abroad.

Sizzling Fruits

It is brewing in the world of fruits. Refreshing melons and grapes are satisfying your thirst, but real benefaction produces the seven.

Fruit Runner

It seems that the luck is chattering as quick as a flash, but behold, here comes the magic seven. High wins are no rarity

Circus Goldoni

Clowns with sizable shoes and red noses be up to one's tricks. But the ringmaster has erverything under control. The great fortune will not leave you as long as he is there.

Stars on Fire

The hell is a stormy affair. And with the devil as headman even the stars begin to burn.

Fruit Fever

The world of fruits is full over fever. There are busy melons, stressed oranges, but only one character is as cool as a cucumber. Therefore the seven will make the running.

Fruit Cup

Wildly whirled through the region are the lemons, the cherries and the grapes. Only the seven brings balance in regulatory.

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